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Volunteer Opportunities
There are many volunteer opportunities for people of all ages in the Monadnock area. Please give us a call if you are interested in volunteering once a week, once a month or even once a year! We’d love to talk to you: In Keene 357-6893 and in Peterborough 924-7350.

Opportunities are available in:

Education – Read to children once a week in a school setting; volunteer at a summer reading program, tutor children in math.

Healthy Futures – Visit a homebound senior citizen, assist in delivering food boxes, help prepare and serve a meal at a community kitchen.

Disaster Services – Get training to help your community in a natural disaster or health emergency. Work as part of a team to ensure that everyone is ready to deal with an emergency.
  Volunteer Opportunities assisting maintenance of parks and recreation areas.

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  Assist at a blood drive!
Veterans and Military Families
– Help provide transportation to veterans and their families to medical appointments.

Conservation and Land Stewardship - Monitor the Ashuelot River water system; assist with trail maintenance in our parks and recreation areas.

Volunteer Opportunities
  Hospice Volunteers  - 
  Hospice Volunteers Change Lives...
Bayada is looking for volunteers to share their time and talents.

Direct Patient Support Volunteers
Support patients and their families by offering a warm presence, meeting needs and making connections. Volunteers do all sorts of things, like:
• Helping with day-to-day needs, indoors and out, like mowing the lawn, walking the dog,
washing dishes, and more
• Sitting with patients to read, watch a movie or TV show
• Taking a patient out for a short walk!
• Keeping a patient company while caregivers take a break.
• Sharing specialized skills including reiki, massage, pastoral care, cosmetology.
• Sharing time with a therapy animal
• Just being together
Arts, Crafts, and Music Volunteers
Music reaches patients in very special ways. Some patients enjoy help finishing up projects or exploring creative expression. You can develop a plan to share your talents.
Care for Veterans
BAYADA proudly offers specialized support to our nation's veterans. They are eager to connect their patients with volunteers who have also served!

Administrative Support Volunteers
Help with mailings and other office tasks that are a key part of the care they provide.

For more information or if you would like to volunteer with Bayada Hospice please contact Monadnock RSVP at or by calling 603-357-6893

  Neighbors Can Help Their Neighbors Stay Independent in Their Homes  - 
  Groceries, medicine, and a friendly ear to bend. What would life look like if you didn’t know how or when you would have access to any one of these things? The Neighbors-In-Deed program, through Monadnock RSVP Volunteer Center, aims to provide some assistance to lessen that struggle for seniors, adults with disabilities, and veterans and military family members. With just one to two hours a week, our volunteers help provide a solution for how a person will get to the store, pharmacy, and perhaps more importantly, combat social isolation and loneliness. Below are the profiles of some of the people currently hoping to receive a volunteer:

• This woman has been very lonely since her friend from across the hall moved. She has some health issues and travels to Keene three days a week for dialysis. She would love to find a female volunteer who could come on Thursdays to sit and visit or go for walks in nice weather and she would very much like to find somebody to go out for the occasional lunch or shopping trip to Walmart. Because of her location and the fact that she smokes she has been on our wait list for a while.

• This woman is in her 70s and just recently moved in with her daughter and son-in-law. Originally from Connecticut and then Maine she is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and has decided it is best to stop driving and no longer live alone. She is used to being very active, she loves to walk and snowshoe as well as go to the library both in Chesterfield and in Keene. While she has plenty of support with the necessities she is anxious to find a social outlet and to fill up some of her time.

• This woman has a great sense of humor and is always very appreciative of help. She uses an electric scooter to get around town and would need a person who could help with a wheel chair if you were to go out. Her apartment is small and neat, and she has lovely Raggedy Ann collection. Getting out of the house has become progressively harder for her, especially in the winter. She is proud of her ability to take care of herself and self-advocate, but she would very much appreciate a volunteer to spend time with. She enjoys cooking, especially Italian, making jewelry, going to the Dollar Store, the YMCA (hopes to get in the pool), craft fairs, and would like to try new things. She does have a speech impediment and while at times it is difficult to understand her over the phone, in person it is much easier.

• This woman is very proud of herself for losing some weight and would welcome a volunteer who would want to help encourage some healthy habits. She has lived in her apartment in Keene for over 35 years and when she has the opportunity to get out and run errands she enjoys hitting up her favorite thrift stores as well. A volunteer who likes hitting up lots of stores would be perfect. She has some general health issues and suffers from depression. She used to love camping, fishing, and boating. She often finds it easier to get along with men but is open to a female volunteer. Because of some mobility issues she needs a vehicle that is low to the ground.

• This 87 year old woman is living on her own in Keene and looking for some company. She’s hoping to find somebody who would like to go and grab a cup of tea and sit for a nice visit once a week. She is still very independent but starting to experience signs of dementia. While talking with her she’ll need to stop and search for words. She is very social and likes to walk around town and chat with people.

• This 58 year old woman has recently moved to Keene. She is in need of help with grocery shopping and banking. Her interests include flower arranging and cooking, and we she would love to be able to get out into the community more. She is legally blind as well as being confined to a wheel chair, but she is able to transfer herself. She does not have a preference on a male or female volunteer.

• This 88 woman lives Keene with her miniature poodle, she is still active, however she is hoping to find somebody interested in visiting with her, as she is starting to feel less and less comfortable driving. She enjoys playing bridge and working on puzzles.

• This lady is in her mid 70’s and moved to the area from New Jersey where she had been living with her sister until she passed a couple of years ago. She lives in her own home in west Keene and her greatest need right now is transportation and company. She uses the bus twice a month for groceries but would like to be able to go into town for more “fun” excursions such as shoe shopping or for smaller grocery trips. She uses a cane or walker when walking. She would prefer a female volunteer and she enjoys drawing, reading, sewing and she loves to talk! Her faith in Jesus is important to her, but she does not ascribe to any one religion and believes the most important thing is that we are kind to one another.

• This 77 year old woman is originally a transplant from Illinois, however has been living in New Hampshire long enough to no longer be considered a flat lander. She was an avid hiker and at one point would lead guided hikes with her alpaca’s up Mt. Washington. She enjoys going to the Senior Center, the Colonial Theatre, and out for easy walks when the weather is nice. She is living with dementia and because of it is no longer driving. Her family is hoping that a volunteer can help them keep her active and engaged with some company and fun outings. She is currently living in an apartment in Keene.

• This gentleman in his 60’s lives at Cityside housing. He has chronic heart failure, seizures, high BP, and has mobility issues that require him to use a cane and a walker, and he can no longer drive. His need is for transportation for shopping (Market Basket and Walmart for cat treats) and errands. For 25 years he worked as a machinist at a printing company. He owned classic cars, enjoys oldies music, and plays solitaire on the computer. No preference of volunteer gender.

• This woman is her mid 70s. She is a very positive person with a good attitude and is easy to talk to. She keeps herself busy and is trying to maintain her health ever since a surgery/hospital stint she had about 4 years ago. She quit smoking at that time and she now tries to get healthy foods when she grocery shops. She gets around easily and only uses a cane as a "security blanket" when she is traversing unfamiliar territory. She walks on her street and doesn't use the cane in stores. She is hoping for some assistance with running errands such as going for groceries, or to the farm stand, or pharmacy.

• This woman is hoping for a female companion to share a cup of coffee with and develop a friendship. She lives in Swanzey with her husband, however he leaves the house for work by 5:00 am and isn’t home until just before dinner and then goes to bed by 8:00. Due to chronic health issues making it difficult for her to leave the house the days have become long and lonely. She takes pride in keeping a clean and inviting home and loves to sit in the sun and enjoy their property. She would also enjoy being able to get out occasionally for a fun outing. She does have two cats in the house and while it is not necessary she would like to find a volunteer who shares a strong faith in Jesus.

• This woman in her 90s has just moved into a ground floor apartment in the same building as her daughter. She has 11 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren, enjoys NASCAR and has a shy kitty who you would probably never see. She has just been released from a nursing home after rehabbing from a series of falls. She is now pretty much confined to a wheelchair, and hoping for visitor to provide some company.

• This 101 year old woman lives in Walpole, she has a daughter who lives nearby who was coming daily but has come into some health issues herself. The care recipient does have some home keeping services and meals-on-wheels but her family would like to find a volunteer who could check on her in the middle of the day. She does have significant short term memory loss and would need to meet a volunteer with one of her family members present until she becomes comfortable. She can still walk but is fairly unsteady, a wheelchair would be necessary for going out.

  Blood Drives   - 
  Drives are held on an episodic basis throughout the Monadnock region during weekday business hours and on Saturdays. Time commitment is typically a 2 1/2 hour shift. The following positions are essential to make each drive run smoothly and efficiently:
•Registration- Welcome donors and enter registrations into computer.
•Canteen- Keep an eye on donors for adverse reactions and keep refreshment area replenished.

  Help tutor adult learners with Keene Community Education  - 
  Keene Community Education is an adult education center serving adult learners across Cheshire County through the Adult Learner Services (ALS) program. The ALS program serves adults who wish to improve their reading, writing or math skills for the purposes of passing the HiSET (formally the GED) or for the purpose of advancing basic academic skills (i.e. advancing beginning reading skills). The ALS program also serves adult immigrants who wish to improve their English reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills, as well as providing help with preparation to pass the U.S. Naturalization Test.

Volunteers at Keene Community Education work in one-on-one or small group tutorials and can choose the population they would like to work with-adult immigrant students working on English language skills, adult students working towards the goal of passing the HiSET, or adult students working on improving basic academic skills. Please note: those who wish to work with adult students working towards the goal of passing the HiSET have the choice of volunteering at our education center or at the Cheshire County House of Corrections. To best ensure tutorial success, volunteer tutors can expect to work with a student 2-4 hours per week with tutorials mainly taking place at the Keene Community Education office, the Keene Public Library, or the Cheshire County House of Corrections.

Volunteers can expect to get a high-level of support from the program coordinator regarding curriculum resources and professional development opportunities, so no previous teaching or tutorial experience is required. Enrollment as a volunteer is ongoing throughout the academic year but new tutors are expected to initially meet with the program coordinator and attend a "New Tutor Orientation."

  Help someone get back on their financial feet - The River Center  - 
  Become a money coach with The River Center. Volunteers should be comfortable working with people who need a great deal of support and enjoy problem solving individual situations. Volunteers will need to be good listeners, comfortable discussing financial matters with clients, detail-oriented and focused on customer service. Volunteers will train using the “Your Money Your Goals” Curriculum.

One Wednesday each month from 12:30-2:00 and other times as mutually agreed upon.
Length of Commitment: One year


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