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Volunteer Opportunities
There are many volunteer opportunities for people of all ages in the Monadnock area. Please give us a call if you are interested in volunteering once a week, once a month or even once a year! We’d love to talk to you: In Keene 357-6893 and in Peterborough 924-7350.

Opportunities are available in:

Education – Read to children once a week in a school setting; volunteer at a summer reading program, tutor children in math.

Healthy Futures – Visit a homebound senior citizen, assist in delivering food boxes, help prepare and serve a meal at a community kitchen.

Disaster Services – Get training to help your community in a natural disaster or health emergency. Work as part of a team to ensure that everyone is ready to deal with an emergency.
  Volunteer Opportunities assisting maintenance of parks and recreation areas.

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  Assist at a blood drive!
Veterans and Military Families
– Help provide transportation to veterans and their families to medical appointments.

Conservation and Land Stewardship - Monitor the Ashuelot River water system; assist with trail maintenance in our parks and recreation areas.

Volunteer Opportunities
  Monadnock Habitat for Humanity  - 
  Building Committee

Construction Manager (CM) – The CM will be directly responsible for the hands on construction of a new home to be built on Prospect Street in Troy, NH next year. The responsibilities of the CM will include but is not limited to the following: Help in finalizing the design of the project; assist in preparing and monitoring the budget; assist in scoping the work of necessary subcontractors and scheduling them; help with soliciting and selecting subcontractors; schedule the build; order materials and equipment and see that they are on-site when needed; collect receipts and invoices; identify and recruit experienced crew leaders; work with the volunteer coordinator; assign daily tasks to regular skilled volunteers; provide guidance to less skilled volunteers; coordinate inspections; and monitor quality and safety.

The schedule is flexible, but somewhat dependent upon the partner family. However, the preference would be to have construction occur 2 weekdays and most Saturdays. Ultimately, the schedule will be dependent on the CM’s availability and that of our volunteers.

Ideal candidates will have professional/managerial/leadership backgrounds, ability to reach out to the community as needed, knowledge of the construction industry and practices, and possibly experience with Habitat builds.

Recognizing that the CM will need to put forth substantial time and effort, and will incur travel expenses to and from the job, the MHFH chapter has allocated $5,000 to cover the CM’s expenses, with partial payments to be made as the job progresses.

Building Committee Member – The members help to plan and execute the project. The project could be construction of a new house, rehabilitation of an older home, or a home repair project. The position involves, but is not limited to, the following tasks: Look at potential new home build sites and older homes that might be suitable for rehabilitation; meet with homeowners in need of help with small home improvement projects; help decide upon architectural style, location and orientation on the site; consult on the budget and design of the project; help in preparing a materials list; make contact with prospective subcontractors and assist with selecting them through a competitive bid process; maintain inventory of Habitat owned tools and equipment and make recommendations when purchases are necessary; contact local suppliers for tools/material pricing and request donations, discounts and in-kind gifts of building materials from national companies who have an affiliation with Habitat for Humanity; obtain building permits; participate in the build itself; get tools and equipment to the project site and returned when completed.

Ideal candidates will have professional/managerial/leadership backgrounds, ability to reach out to the community as needed, knowledge of the construction industry and practices, and possibly experience with Habitat builds.

The time required of Building Committee members will vary, dependent upon the complexity, stage in the construction process, and your level of expertise and commitment. You should expect meetings relative to new home construction or rehabilitation projects to be monthly, possibly becoming 2 meetings a month as the build approaches. Your level of commitment will dictate the amount of time required. The goal is to complete at least one home improvement project every three months, with each project taking not more than 2 weekends from start to finish of construction, subject to difficulty and volunteer staffing.

Volunteer Committee Leadership

Volunteer Chair: guide and direct the activities of the committee members; represent the committee at board meetings; submit a monthly report of committee activities; interface with the Building Committee to establish and update work schedule and the number of volunteers needed; maintain schedule of build site volunteer lead person of the day; assist during builds and MHFH fundraising events as needed.

Committee members and their roles are listed below. Recently, these roles have been dormant due to lack of project activity, but will need to be re-engaged by the Volunteer Chair with the commencement of our Troy build this summer. MHFH has past volunteers with experience who are expected to be able to advise in this area.

Each of the following positions can be filled by several people. In addition, committee members are most welcome to be part of more than one committee group.

Computer Administration: Maintain and update the Volunteer Up program, an on-line registration and daily scheduling program; respond to or forward inquiries that are generated through the website and the Facebook page; send monthly email blasts during build; send email blasts about upcoming or current activities; provide a volunteer summary at the end of a project using data from Volunteer Up.

Build Site Volunteer Lead of the Day: Greet and register volunteers; provide safety equipment and a safety talk; set up food and beverage for morning break and lunch; pack up and secure the volunteer and food related items at day’s end.

Team Day Recruiter: Contact local companies, schools, churches and social organizations; schedule Team Days

Public Relations: Work with the Public Relations Committee to design a build brochure and to post information on the website and Facebook page; assist with Team Day recognitions (frame photo, news release); write and submit letters or press releases to local media regarding need for volunteers and food donations.

“Lunch Ladies”: Solicit lunches from delis, restaurants, churches, youth and adult organizations, and individuals; solicit donations of ground coffee from local coffee shops; schedule the donations; deliver or arrange for delivery of lunches; update sign at build site daily (lunch provided by, coffee provided by).

If you are interested in any of these roles, please let us know and we will connect you with a Habitat member.


  Neighbors Can Help Their Neighbors Stay Independent in Their Homes  - 
• At the age of 82 this woman just retired as the head of an area school last year! She currently has macular degeneration and recently had a hip replacement. She would like somebody to help her go through her mail, go to the store and just provide some company. She is a lively conversationalist and currently uses a cane or a walker. Her apartment is connected to her son's house, however he is very busy and she tries not to rely on him for everything. She believes strongly in the power of the love of God, and would consider it especially lucky to find someone to occasionally accompany her to services.

• This 77 year old woman lives in Keene with her husband who works full time. She was an avid outdoors person who loved to hike, and snowshoe. However due to a string of severe health issues she is now legally blind and having a hard time getting out of the house. She loves animals and has one small dog and two cats in the house. She retired from being a Librarian Assistant from the Keene Public Library after 15 years, and also enjoyed selling at area flea markets. This woman is hoping to find somebody to provide her with some company and help her to get out of the house, when out she walks with a cane and is now restricted to walking on sidewalks or other smooth surfaces. She and her husband are the caregivers for one of their sons, who does smoke, but only outside of the house. She would prefer a female volunteer.

• This 82 year old woman lives alone in Keene. She can get around with a cane but is starting to have trouble walking much of a distance, she would need to use a scooter or wheel chair in stores. She is also starting to have some memory issues, but believes that having more stimulation and the ability to get out of the house may help her in that department. She is primarily looking for a volunteer of either gender to help her get groceries, play cribbage and do social things. She was the founder of both a local therapy horseback riding program and a draft horse rescue. She likes classical music, and reading mysteries, and has lots of interesting stories that she likes to tell. She will tell you that she struggles with depression and is having trouble finding motivation to leave the house. She has very little contact with her family and no other support in the area.

• This woman is 68 years old and lives alone in her apartment where she has lived for over 35 years. She would welcome help with shopping and errands. She has many stops: Price Chopper, Walmart, library, Aldi’s, Dollar Store, Keene Senior Center, the Salvation Army thrift store and more. She has some general health issues, but she has recently lost a lot of weight and has successfully quit smoking for over a year. She is hoping for a volunteer who might be interested in going with her to YMCA or helping her to continue her healthier habits. She suffers from depression, but getting out of the house and excising is helping. She used to love camping, fishing, and boating. She would require a vehicle that is low to the ground.

• This 65 year old woman lives in Peterborough. As a side effect to a few strokes she now has tunnel vision that comes and goes in severity and she is considered to be legally blind. She has a son in the area who works long hours and another in New Jersey. She is a retired nurse’s assistant who has lived in the area for most of her life. She has a love for crafting jewelry making, and she is hoping to start using her lap loom again. She is also an animal lover and has plans to adopt a cat soon. This woman is looking for companionship and help getting back out into the community. She gets around with a walker, but in a store would hope for a motorized scooter. Her sons have set her up with an account at a local grocer where they will put together her order and she is hoping that a volunteer would be able to pick it up for her on their way to visit.

• This woman is her mid 70’s and is in need of regular weekly assistance - groceries, farm stand, pharmacy. She is a very positive person with a good attitude and is easy to talk to. She keeps herself busy and is trying to maintain her health ever since a surgery/hospital stint she had about 3 years ago. She quit smoking at that time and she now tries to get healthy foods when she grocery shops. She gets around easily and only uses a cane as a "security blanket" when she is traversing unfamiliar territory. She walks on her street and doesn't use the cane in stores. She has no preference for gender in terms of a volunteer.

• This 57 year old woman lives in Swanzey with her husband. He leaves the house for work by 5:00 am and isn’t home until just before dinner and then goes to bed by 8:00. She says the days are long and lonely and is hoping for a female companion to share a cup of coffee with and develop a friendship. She has emphysema, diabetes and congestive heart failure and uses a walker to get around. She told me that she takes pride in her house and loves to sit in the sun and enjoy their property. She would enjoy being able to get out occasionally for a fun outing. She does have 2 cats in the house and would like somebody who is comfortable with her talking about her faith in Jesus.

• This gentleman in his 60’s lives at Cityside housing. He has chronic heart failure, seizures, high BP, and has mobility issues that require him to use a cane and a walker, and he can no longer drive. His need is for transportation for shopping (Market Basket and Walmart for cat treats) and errands. For 25 years he worked as a machinist at a printing company. He owned classic cars, enjoys oldies music, and plays solitaire on the computer. No preference of volunteer gender.

• This 101 year old woman lives in Walpole, she has a daughter who lives nearby who was coming daily but has come into some health issues herself. The care recipient does have some home keeping services and meals-on-wheels but her family would like to find somebody who could check on her in the middle of the day. She does have significant short term memory loss and would need to meet a volunteer with one of her family members present until she becomes comfortable. She can still walk but is fairly unsteady, a wheelchair would be necessary for going out.

  Blood Drives   - 
  Drives are held on an episodic basis throughout the Monadnock region during weekday business hours and on Saturdays. Time commitment is typically a 2 1/2 hour shift. The following positions are essential to make each drive run smoothly and efficiently:
•Registration- Welcome donors and enter registrations into computer.
•Canteen- Keep an eye on donors for adverse reactions and keep refreshment area replenished.

  Give Someone a Lift! Become a Volunteer Driver  - 
  Do you have some time now and then to give a ride to someone in your town? Volunteer drivers are needed throughout the entire region to assist people who do not have access to transportation because of age, ability, economic situation or other limiting circumstances. Trips may include local and long distance medical appointments and other basic needs. Volunteers can choose the ride requests that work with their schedules. 

  Hot Meal Preparation   - 
  Help ensure that community members have a hot, nutritious meal by helping with food preparation at the Keene Community Kitchen. Weekday hours from 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  

  Give your time to people who are working towards recovery!  - 
  As our community raises its concern about the opioid crisis and individuals ask the question, “how can I help on a local level?”, RSVP is pleased to announce that we are taking steps to partner with The Serenity Center in Keene.

The Center is a 501c3 non-profit membership organization founded in June of 2013. They were one of the first new Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) in New Hampshire to recognize that there are many paths to successful recovery from addiction. They welcome people from all paths to recovery, their families and friends. The Center provides Peer to Peer Recovery Support Services to the Eastern Monadnock Region and a Recovery Club House that is a safe haven to help initiate and maintain long term recovery.

Currently, The Serenity Center is recruiting volunteers for two roles.

1. Recovery Coaches work one on one with people in recovery from addiction to help remove obstacles and find pathways to recovery. Recovery Coaches receive training and continued support through the Recovery Coach Academy program and SC’s Orientation and Volunteer training programs. Topics covered include ethical considerations, HIV/AIDS, and suicide prevention.

2. Front Desk Support volunteers greet visitors, answer the phone, provide light administrative support to staff (filing, copying, collating), and provide light cleaning/organization. Front Desk Support volunteers receive one-on-one training from the volunteer coordinator and SC staff. The Center is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm and volunteer shifts are 2-4 hours or are project based. Front Desk volunteers are asked to make a 3 month commitment.  

  Monadnock Community Hospital Volunteers  - 
  Monadnock Community Hospital has an opportunity or a schedule to fit almost every interest or need. Volunteers can serve in the gift shop not only by helping customers to shop but also providing comfort and reassurance to patients and/or their families as they fill their down time. You can also provide guidance to visitors at a number of greeting desks, or support to the staff in the mail room, HR or by putting your handyman skills to use. Schedules can be regular or vary as needed. For more information about volunteering with the Monadnock Community Hospital contact Jazmin Belcoure at or by calling 352-5698. 

  Change a young persons life  - 
  The single most important factor in determining whether or not children reach their potential is the existence of a caring adult in their lives. Mentors are needed in the Monadnock region! Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NH promotes long term, impactful, one-to-one mentoring matches between a Big (an adult 18 years+) with a Little (a child 6-17 years old). The average commitment for the community-based program is 2 hours/2 times a month and for site based opportunities one hour/one day a week. If you are looking to be a positive role model and make a difference in the life of a child, please give us a call. 

  Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers are needed!  - 
  Become part of a community of vibrant, committed volunteers who are getting tremendous satisfaction making a difference in a child’s life. Our volunteers tell us that they love putting their skills to use in a meaningful way with challenging, stimulating, emotionally rewarding work. While we cannot provide any financial compensation, our volunteers enjoy intangible benefits such as stimulating work, ongoing support, new social connections and – above all – doing something that directly impacts a child’s life.

CASAs, in advocating for the best interests of children in abuse and neglect cases within the court system, strive to provide better outcomes for children so they grow up in safe, permanent homes. The hope is they can help break the cycle of abuse.

Volunteers visit assigned children monthly, they complete court reports, and they interact with parents, extended family members, attorneys, social workers, foster care providers and judges all the while advocating for the best interests of the children.

Qualifications, skills and training required:
•Undergo screening and 40 hours of pre-service training
•Commit to the life of the case (averages 2 years)
•Time commitment of 15 hours per month
•Flexibility to attend court hearings
•Written and oral communication skills
•Comfortable with word processing, email, and internet research
•Ability to relate to a diverse population
•Confidentiality and objectivity

Cases are assigned out of Keene CASA Office - could report to Jaffrey/Peterborough or Keene Courts, children typically located in the area where the case originates.

Training begins on September 14, 2018 in Keene.

For more information, please contact:
Diane Valladares
Director of Recruitment
603-626-4600, ext. 2106

  Volunteer to bring cheer to our local seniors!  - 
  Do you have some time and interests you’d like to share? Would you like to brighten the day of a senior in your area? Many of the agencies in the Monadnock region who provide care to our senior citizens are looking for help running or assisting activities.

Activities include things such as baking, arts and crafts, music, knitting, art, socializing, or possibly a unique hobby you would like to share.

Volunteers can expect to both give and receive enthusiasm and happiness and often become like extended family to the participants. If you are interested in learning more about a volunteering with seniors in our area please consider reaching out to one of the following agencies.

Monadnock Adult Care Center (MACC)
• The Monadnock Adult Care Center offers supportive and structured care during the day to adults with physical, emotional, or social challenges. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our members, their families, and caregivers while we support an individual’s efforts to remain independent.
• Our program helps older adults remain in their homes as long as possible. It provides respite care for families. We offer activities that maintain or improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of our members.
• MACC is a partner agency of Monadnock RSVP if you are interested in volunteering with MACC please contact Jazmin Belcoure at jbelcoure@mfs.orgor by calling 924-7350

Pheasant Wood Nursing Home
• Pheasant Wood Center offers short-term rehabilitation, as well as long-term care and Alzheimer's and dementia care. Pheasant Wood Center’s team of professionals is committed to maintaining or improving the quality of an individual’s life through the care we provide.
• If you are interested in volunteering at Pheasant Wood Nursing home please contact Judy Rousseau at

The Castle Center
• Why stay at home when the Castle Center at HCS' Keene office is just around the corner offering entertainment, socializing, cards, games, arts and crafts, as well as peace and quiet.
• The Castle Center is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. for those who just need a little help, as well as those with more specific needs.
• Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the days volunteers are most needed and the minimum commitment is for three months.
• For more information or to volunteer, please contact Catherine Braught, Nurse Manager at 355-8281.


  Disaster Training Opportunities  - 
  The American Red Cross and the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network offer a variety of training opportunities to provide area residents with knowledge of specific health issues and challenges as well as disaster training - to ensure more area residents are ready to help in the event of a local disaster. Great opportunity to learn new skills, use your experience, and have flexibility. 

  Volunteers are needed at a therapeutic riding program  - 
  Touchstone Farm in Temple depends on the generosity of our volunteers for many programs. Volunteering there comes in many ways - you can work with their Therapeutic riding students, do some gardening, help with light maintenance, assist during special events, or help in the office doing administrative tasks. Volunteers are needed every day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and time commitments and scheduling is flexible. At Touchstone Farm, focus on mutual respect, safety, and most importantly, fun, is paramount! For more information or to volunteer, please call Emily Garland at 654-6308. 

  Volunteers are needed to wrap silverware for meals  - 
  The Keene Community Kitchen is looking for volunteers to help wrap silverware in preparation for meals on Monday and/or Friday mornings. The process takes only about an hour and volunteers are asked to come in to do the work any time before 11 a.m.  

  Linda's Closet Volunteer Clothing Consultant  - 
  Do you have a flare for clothing and fashion? Linda’s Closet, a resource for free clothing and career advice in Keene, is seeking volunteer consultants to assist clients with clothing choices. Available times are Wednesday 6:00-8:00 p.m., Thursday 11:00a.m.-2:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – noon and volunteers are asked to commit to a regular schedule. You will get to help other women of Cheshire County look and feel good about themselves - and while you're there you may find something pretty for yourself! If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Kathleen Birch at 603-357-1015 or To learn more about them, visit or on Facebook. 

  Help your local library  - 
  Help your local library
The Keene Public Library is seeking volunteers to serve as a Greeter and Wayfinder. In this role you would be the first point of contact for library visitors - welcoming them, providing directions and referring them to the appropriate area for specific assistance, and answering general questions about the library. Training is provided. Volunteers should be able to sit for an extended period of time, stand and walk for short periods, and be able to lift/move up to 25 pounds occasionally.
Volunteers are needed Monday through Saturday during regular hours. Shifts are 9 a.m. – noon, noon – 3 p.m., 3 – 6 p.m. and 6 – 9 p.m. Volunteers are asked to commit to six months. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tammy Parrott at 603-757-1846.
The Jaffrey Library needs “watchers” for the second floor. Due to limited staff the second floor and Historical section can only be opened during periods of time when volunteers can be present on the floor. Come spend a two hour shift working on a personal project or reading a book while being available to offer help and guidance to anyone who ventures upstairs. If you’re interested in volunteering please contact the Director, Julie Perrin at

  Business Savvy?  - 
  Monadnock SCORE is committed to provide quality business counseling, without charge, to local residents and businesses. They are seeking individuals with business experience in any and all phases of business operations, especially those who have retail or legal experience. Depending upon your interest, you may mentor small business owners, help develop business plans, address financial matters or operational problems, and assist with start-ups or marketing. Times are mutually agreed upon by the mentor and client. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Edward Merrell at 352-8738 or 

  Front Desk Volunteer needed in Keene!  - 
  The Keene Senior Center - serving vibrant older adults ages 50+ - has a new volunteer opportunity for someone who would enjoy using their customber service skills.

They are looking for a volunteer to staff the front desk at the 70 Court St. facility on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8am - noon. Volunteer duties will include greeting members, using and adding members to the "MySeniorCenter" computer database, taking payments for membership and meals, and answering phones and directing calls.



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