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New Hampshire Trends & Highlights in 2015:
  28.6% of residents volunteer, ranking them 20th among the 50 states and Washington, DC.
• 329,600 volunteers.
• 37.5 volunteer hours per capita
• 29.6% of residents over age 55 volunteer.

The top organizations where people volunteer are:
  • educational or youth service (32%)
  • social service or community serv.(19%).
  • religious (18%)

• 58.4% of residents donate $25 or more to charity.
• On a monthly basis, one third of NH residents report they do a few favors or more for their neighbors.
• 15.2% of residents participate in public meetings.
• 31.3 volunteer hours per resident.
• 37.33 million hours of service.
• $960 million of service contributed.

Civic Life in America (2013 data):
• 93.1% frequently eat dinner with other members of the household
• 86.7% frequently talk with neighbors
• 40.4% of residents participate in groups and/or organizations
• 67.0% of residents engage in "informal volunteering" (for example, doing favors for neighbors)
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