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Volunteer Opportunities
There are many volunteer opportunities for people of all ages in the Monadnock area. Please give us a call if you are interested in volunteering once a week, once a month or even once a year! We’d love to talk to you: In Keene 357-6893 and in Peterborough 924-7350.

Opportunities are available in:

Education – Read to children once a week in a school setting; volunteer at a summer reading program, tutor children in math.

Healthy Futures – Visit a homebound senior citizen, assist in delivering food boxes, help prepare and serve a meal at a community kitchen.

Disaster Services – Get training to help your community in a natural disaster or health emergency. Work as part of a team to ensure that everyone is ready to deal with an emergency.
  Volunteer Opportunities assisting maintenance of parks and recreation areas.

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  Assist at a blood drive!
Veterans and Military Families
– Help provide transportation to veterans and their families to medical appointments.

Conservation and Land Stewardship - Monitor the Ashuelot River water system; assist with trail maintenance in our parks and recreation areas.

Volunteer Opportunities
  Neighbors Can Help Their Neighbors Stay Independent in Their Homes  - 

This 89 year old woman was happily matched for a year with a RSVP volunteer who moved out of the area. She is seeking someone with shared interests who can help her with regular Coumadin checks and shopping. She is an accomplished artist, which has been her “way of life”. She also taught art. Other interests include reading, writing, gardening, and she enjoys kids. She was a friendly visitor herself when she lived in Massachusetts. She prefers a female.


This female senior in her 70’s has diabetes and mobility issues because of her back and cannot walk a lot. Her home is not tidy, but she considers it reasonably clean. Transportation is her biggest need. She does not need supported assistance with shopping and errands, just needs to get there. She does not smoke and has no preference of gender. She likes anything crafty - used to knit, crochet, and make cards. She worked in several factories, both doing factory work and in administrative/accounting roles. She has a cat.

This man in his 60’s has asthma, COPD, uses O2, and can't walk very far. He is a simple man and doesn't have a lot of interests and probably wouldn't be the leader in a conversation. His greatest need is companionship and mostly to get out. He prefers a women since he is not comfortable chatting with men. He likes flea markets, puzzles, and watches TV during the day.


A woman in her early 50’s is looking for some help with errands and grocery shopping. She lives with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and arm injuries, which tire her easily. She doesn't receive a lot of support other than Medicaid transportation for fairly frequent medical appointments. She enjoys yoga, used to play the clarinet (no longer has the stamina), opera/classical music, and used to make earrings. She is originally from New York. She prefers a female volunteer.

This 80+ woman moved to Keene this year from a rural town in the Monadnock region and she is very lonely. She is very hard of hearing and uses an adaptive device on her phone, is legally blind, and has some mobility issues that require her to use a walker. She would like a female visitor to share coffee, movies, Scrabble/UNO/games, and her love of her kittens. She may also need help with shopping and errands. After a hospital stay last June she successfully quit smoking.

A 67 year old senior who lives alone in her apartment where she has lived over 35 years would welcome help with shopping and errands. She has many stops: Price Chopper, Walmart, library, Aldi’s, Dollar Store, Keene Senior Center, the Salvation Army thrift store and more. She has some general health issues and suffers from depression. She used to love camping, fishing, and boating. She gets along best with male volunteers and would require a vehicle that is low to the ground.

At age 60, this woman is finding it more and more challenging to use public transportation because it is difficult to walk and she has osteo-arthritis and fibromyalgia. She also suffers from anxiety and depression. She would like someone to help her with grocery shopping. But more importantly, someone with whom she can have coffee with and build a friendship over time. She is a crafty person. A female volunteer is her preference.

A 70 year old man would like a volunteer for companionship. He has a lot of supports during the day: homemaking 7 days/week, does in-Shape 3X week, and has a case manager weekly to help with paperwork. He enjoys his 3 parakeets, likes going to lunch at the Pub and having coffee at McDonald's, and loves bluegrass. A volunteer who could bring other interests would be welcome. He didn't have a preference of gender but would like the volunteer to be someone who believes in Jesus.

This 50 year old woman describes herself as having a disability and that from an early age she was labeled "special Ed". She has great difficulty processing information. She can't read and interpret forms and letters, needs to have things repeated to her at times, and has some difficulty remembering things. She spends her days volunteering at the Thrift Store, the Kitchen and at the United Church of Christ. She says that she can get very lonely at times and would like a weekly volunteer who to help her sort through her mail and provide some companionship. At times she may need to run an errand or go for a medical appointment. She prefers a female.

This gentleman in his 60’s moved to Cityside housing last January. He was told last year that he can no longer drive. He has chronic heart failure, seizures, high BP, and has mobility issues that require him to use a cane and a walker. His need is for transportation for shopping (Market Basket and Walmart for cat treats) and errands. For 25 years he worked as a machinist at a printing company. He owned classic cars, enjoys oldies music, and plays solitaire on the computer. No preference of volunteer gender.

This almost 60 woman is very difficult to understand her on the phone because of a severe speech impediment. But it is much easier in person. Her apartment is small and she has a lot of things, including a Raggedy Ann collection, but it is clean. She uses a rollator if she goes out with someone in a car. But she uses an electric wheelchair to get around town, in addition to the Friendly Bus and Diluzio for medical appointments. She is looking for a volunteer for socialization and to do activities with. She is pretty much open to anything. She enjoys cooking, especially Italian, making jewelry, going to the Dollar Store, camping, fishing, the YMCA (hopes to get in the pool), craft fairs, and would like to try new things. She has a great sense of humor and is very appreciative.


It is difficult for this 62 year old woman to get out because she has a hernia which limits her mobility, has chronic pain, and suffers from anxiety and depression, in addition to simply not driving. She is on Medicaid and takes advantage of other community transportation resources for basic needs. But she would enjoy having a volunteer with whom she can do some fun things. She loves all animals, crafts/crochet, cooking and baking, and has strong Christian beliefs. She prefers a female volunteer.


He served our country in the Air Force in Vietnam and now he needs some help. He is a 71 year old man who has no family, lives in a rural area where transportation options are limited, and he is very low income. He would welcome a male volunteer who could help him do errands and offer some friendship since he has few friends. His general health is pretty good, but he does use a walker. He used to drive a cab and bartend. A volunteer for this man should be tolerant of cigarette odors since he is a fairly heavy smoker.

A year and half ago this 76 year old woman moved from Florida to live with her family. At this time, she stopped driving. She has COPD, inoperable heart blockages, and uses oxygen 24/7. Her day is pretty routine - she plays on the computer, watches her shows in the morning, naps in the afternoon, and watches TV in the evening with the family. She does like Bingo! For 20 years she was in accounting. Then, she became a dog groomer. There are 2 friendly dogs in the home, including her springer named Sir Bentley. She is able to get out and occasionally likes to go shopping and wander around. But she would welcome a volunteer’s suggestions. She likes to have fun, laugh, and she has a great sense of humor.


This 60 year old legally blind woman is seeking a volunteer who can either pick up her grocery list and shop for her at Market Basket every three weeks or take her and she can push a cart. She is very specific with her brands and her list. She has no preference of gender.

This gentleman is 65 years old and his disability is caused by a rare neurodegenerative disease. He is wheelchair-bound and no longer driving. His wife works full-time. He is alone all day and gets depressed and frustrated that he can't do the things he used to enjoy. He would like a male volunteer to come and visit, perhaps, play cards or cribbage, or just get out of the house. He enjoys adult coloring books, loves old cars, flea markets, and casinos. He used to own a painting business and refinished old furniture as hobby. They have 4 big dogs that are friendly.


A woman in her 40’s who lives with a companion who cannot drive, would appreciate some help with grocery shopping and errands. She has diabetes, asthma, bipolar disorder, and uses a walker. Her trailer is in fairly decent condition, but not particularly clean. Her interests include walking the dogs when she is able (four friendly ones), crocheting, Nascar, and the Highland games. She is a smoker and has no preference of a male or female volunteer.

  Give Someone a Lift! Become a Volunteer Driver  - 
  Do you have some time now and then to give a ride to someone in your town? Volunteer drivers are needed throughout the entire region to assist people who do not have access to transportation because of age, ability, economic situation or other limiting circumstances. Trips may include local and long distance medical appointments and other basic needs. Volunteers can choose the ride requests that work with their schedules. 

  Give your time to people who are working towards recovery!  - 
  As our community raises its concern about the opioid crisis and individuals ask the question, “how can I help on a local level?”, RSVP is pleased to announce that we are taking steps to partner with The Serenity Center in Keene.

The Center is a 501c3 non-profit membership organization founded in June of 2013. They were one of the first new Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) in New Hampshire to recognize that there are many paths to successful recovery from addiction. They welcome people from all paths to recovery, their families and friends. The Center provides Peer to Peer Recovery Support Services to the Eastern Monadnock Region and a Recovery Club House that is a safe haven to help initiate and maintain long term recovery.

Currently, The Serenity Center is recruiting volunteers for two roles.

1. Recovery Coaches work one on one with people in recovery from addiction to help remove obstacles and find pathways to recovery. Recovery Coaches receive training and continued support through the Recovery Coach Academy program and SC’s Orientation and Volunteer training programs. Topics covered include ethical considerations, HIV/AIDS, and suicide prevention. See the links below for training details – training begins in early February. Some scholarships are available, but are limited. Coaches are asked to make a 6 month commitment.

2. Front Desk Support volunteers greet visitors, answer the phone, provide light administrative support to staff (filing, copying, collating), and provide light cleaning/organization. Front Desk Support volunteers receive one-on-one training from the volunteer coordinator and SC staff. The Center is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm and volunteer shifts are 2-4 hours or are project based. Front Desk volunteers are asked to make a 3 month commitment.


  Put your leadership and decision making skills to work on behalf of citizens in our region!  - 
  The Monadnock United Way (MUW) is currently recruiting volunteers who would like to become part of their newly designed Investment Teams. These teams will play a part in deciding how MUW campaign funds are distributed to non-profits in our community. Here’s what you need to know:

Time commitment:
Team members make a two year commitment (approximately 70-80 hours annually). 60-65 hours of this commitment falls between January and May.

Responsibilities include:
•Reviewing applications from area non-profits who seek MUW funding.
•Visiting non-profit applicant sites.
•Providing feedback to both the non-profit applicants and the MUW.
•Determining recommendations for funding.

Skill set of investment team members:
People who have skills and interests or the desire to develop skills in the areas of: leadership, decision making, non-profits, finance, children, and basic needs (food, housing, heat and transportation).

What if I’d like more information?
You can speak to a MUW staff member for more information about becoming an Investment Team member. Please contact Kate Cote at 352-4209 or

  Whose life will you change?   - 
  The single most important factor in determining whether or not children reach their potential is the existence of a caring adult in their lives. Mentors are needed in the Monadnock region! Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NH promotes long term, impactful, one-to-one mentoring matches between a Big (an adult 18 years+) with a Little (a child 6-17 years old). The average commitment for the community-based program is 2 hours/2 times a month and for site based opportunities one hour/one day a week. If you are looking to be a positive role model and make a difference in the life of a child, please give us a call. 

  Would you like to become a Tax-Aide volunteer?  - 
  The AARP Foundation is once again looking for interested individuals to volunteer this tax season in their Tax-Aide program. Tax-Aide offers free tax filing help for those who need it most, especially adults 50 and older.

Tax-Aide volunteers receive training and continued support, including complete tax preparation training and IRS certification prior to working with taxpayers. Following approximately 20 hours of training which will take place this January, volunteers will be asked to give 4 hours of their time once or twice a week between February 1st and April 18th.

There are 2 types of roles for volunteers:

1. Intake Specialists work at the tax preparation locations. They welcome taxpayers and distribute the necessary forms. They maintain the appointment logs, ensure that taxpayers are helped in an appropriate order, and assign each taxpayer to a Tax Preparer.

2. Tax Preparers work with taxpayers to prepare their taxes using IRS provided software.

  Disaster Training Opportunities  - 
  The American Red Cross and the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network offer a variety of training opportunities to provide area residents with knowledge of specific health issues and challenges as well as disaster training - to ensure more area residents are ready to help in the event of a local disaster. Great opportunity to learn new skills, use your experience, and have flexibility. 

  Hot Meal Preparation   - 
  Help ensure that community members have a hot, nutritious meal by helping with food preparation at the Keene Community Kitchen. Weekday hours from 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  

  Blood Drives   - 
  Drives are held on an episodic basis throughout the Monadnock region during weekday business hours and on Saturdays. Time commitment is typically a 2 1/2 hour shift. The following positions are essential to make each drive run smoothly and efficiently:
•Registration- Welcome donors and enter registrations into computer.
•Canteen- Keep an eye on donors for adverse reactions and keep refreshment area replenished.

  Business Savvy?  - 
  Monadnock SCORE is committed to provide quality business counseling, without charge, to local residents and businesses. They are seeking individuals with business experience in any and all phases of business operations, especially those who have retail or legal experience. Depending upon your interest, you may mentor small business owners, help develop business plans, address financial matters or operational problems, and assist with start-ups or marketing. Times are mutually agreed upon by the mentor and client. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Edward Merrell at 352-8738 or 

  Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers are needed!  - 
  Become part of a community of vibrant, committed volunteers who are getting tremendous satisfaction making a difference in a child’s life. Our volunteers tell us that they love putting their skills to use in a meaningful way with challenging, stimulating, emotionally rewarding work. While we cannot provide any financial compensation, our volunteers enjoy intangible benefits such as stimulating work, ongoing support, new social connections and – above all – doing something that directly impacts a child’s life.

CASAs, in advocating for the best interests of children in abuse and neglect cases within the court system, strive to provide better outcomes for children so they grow up in safe, permanent homes. The hope is they can help break the cycle of abuse.

Volunteers visit assigned children monthly, they complete court reports, and they interact with parents, extended family members, attorneys, social workers, foster care providers and judges all the while advocating for the best interests of the children.

Qualifications, skills and training required:
•Undergo screening and 40 hours of pre-service training
•Commit to the life of the case (averages 2 years)
•Time commitment of 15 hours per month
•Flexibility to attend court hearings
•Written and oral communication skills
•Comfortable with word processing, email, and internet research
•Ability to relate to a diverse population
•Confidentiality and objectivity

Cases are assigned out of Keene CASA Office - could report to Jaffrey/Peterborough or Keene Courts, children typically located in the area where the case originates.

For more information, please contact:
Diane Valladares
Director of Recruitment
603-626-4600, ext. 2106

  Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities  - 
  This very special opportunity is for folks who enjoy sewing and refabricating one thing into another! In this case, a simple modification to a child’s small backpack is needed to accommodate a feeding bag, tube and feeding pump. This provides mobility for children who receive continuous g-tube feeds. Your assistance with this very special project will greatly enhance their ability to explore their world and enhance their quality of life. They will supply all materials needed: backpack,two sizes of grommets, velcro, thread and whatever you see needed for the project. 

  Volunteers are needed at a therapeutic riding program  - 
  Touchstone Farm in Temple depends on the generosity of our volunteers for many programs. Volunteering there comes in many ways - you can work with their Therapeutic riding students, do some gardening, help with light maintenance, assist during special events, or help in the office doing administrative tasks. Volunteers are needed every day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and time commitments and scheduling is flexible. At Touchstone Farm, focus on mutual respect, safety, and most importantly, fun, is paramount! For more information or to volunteer, please call Emily Garland at 654-6308. 

  Regional Volunteer Screeners  - 
  The American Red Cross is looking for people with good communication skills who would be interested in joining their team to help schedule and conduct volunteer screenings over the phone with prospective volunteers, identify appropriate positions for applicants and make referrals as required. Volunteers will also assist with updates in Volunteer Connection, their online volunteer management system. Online training is required as well as monthly meetings to discuss processes and procedures with the virtual team. Come join their virtual team in Volunteer Intake and Screening and provide an excellent experience for all new volunteers joining the American Red Cross as they wish to be a premiere organization for volunteerism. For more information please contact Angela Russell at or at 802-660-9130 x123 

  Enrich a person's life by volunteering at the Castle Center Adult Day program at HCS  - 
  The Castle Center is an adult day care center located at 312 Marlboro Street in Keene. Adult day care can give caregivers respite by providing a center where elderly parents can be taken for a couple of hours or the entire day.

The Center is currently seeking volunteers to engage with participants for an hour or two each week in a variety of ways including: listening to music, reading stories,

baking, making crafts, etc. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the days volunteers are most needed and the minimum commitment is for three months.

Volunteering at the Castle Center enriches both the life of the participant and the life of the volunteer, therefore impacting the community in a positive way. The Activity Director is onsite and available to assist volunteers and free parking is provided.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Catherine Braught, Nurse Manager at 355-8281.


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